Monday, January 31, 2011

A Monday Monday

Is the difficulty of Monday mornings universal?  I keep telling myself that I need to devise something wonderful for Mondays.  For example, wouldn't Mondays be better if they held the best evening meal of the week?  Or that Monday afternoons included a stop at a favorite cafe for a delicious healthy snack?  Or if Mondays meant a cup of tea with a dear friend?  For me, this semester, Mondays mean assistant teaching in the morning and classes in the afternoon (today is an exception) so I haven't built something extra special into my Mondays... Don't misunderstand me, I LOVE my hours at the school, but it still involves getting up TOO EARLY on a Monday morning!

On this particular Monday, the last in January, one little girl in school was struggling with the absence of her parents.  Her sadness was leaking out her blue eyes and trickling down her sweet face.  I asked if it was a school problem, a friend problem, or a home problem, and she told me that her parents had gone on a trip without her.  She was really missing them.  The teacher whispered to me that her parents are coming home today, so when I got a chance, I asked the girl if she wanted a hug and told her I heard that her Mom and Dad would be home today.

"Isn't that great news," I asked her.  She nodded, still crying.

As we read in a small group in the hall, she leaned against me, sagging with the heavy weight of WAITING for something good to happen.    But, she got interested in the booklet we were reading, all about different books by Eric Carle and about the creatures he writes about and illustrates so colorfully.  Pretty soon, she was chatting and involved.  When I passed her on my way out of the building, she gave me a quick hug and a smile.  I asked if she was doing better and she said yes, with a generous smile.

I like how she handled her emotions.  When things are too tough, and you are waiting for things to get better, get fully engaged in what is going on around you!

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you comfort and joy.


Anonymous said...


You're making a difference in the lives of children. There is no more important work!

Like your ideas about Monday! I had a jam-packed day on this Monday and then topped it off with a Water Zumba class tonight. That was my treat to me. I had so much energy after that, I even went grocery shopping (at 10 pm) because it's sounding like we might get snowed in tomorrow, which, in my eyes, isn't such a bad thing!

So glad you're enjoying your teaching . . .

Aisling said...

Sounds like you know how to make Monday a good day!

I agree about making a difference in the lives of children - there is no more important work. It hits me sometimes just how big a deal it is, to take the time with children, for their academic needs, of course, but also for their emotional needs.

One Woman's Journey said...

You are a good teacher. I feel your heart.
Stay warm and thank you for removing 2 entries on a follower:)

Commonweeder said...

It is a great gift to be able to give comfort.

marcia said...

Not only was she helped by getting involved in something, but by a kind person taking the time with
And speaking of Mondays. We joined a homeschool co-op and it takes place on Monday mornings. It started in September and we have YET to make it there! hahaha

happy day!

Aisling said...

Thank you. My whole heart really is involved in teaching these interesting little people - as it was when I homeschooled my own children. Every moment, every bright expression, is a reward.