Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trying Again

Trying to blog again at

Am living in a new Quiet Country House, these past few months, and have much to share about life on a small farm, lived as much in harmony with nature's slow turning as possible.  

Monday, May 28, 2012


Sorry for the prolonged silence.  Shortly after my last post my little rental house sold... I find myself elbows deep in another move.  A new adventure awaits on a little farm in the hills near the lakeshore... Hopefully I will shake off my distaste of the new Blogger format and begin to blog again with letters from our fledgling farm.

A thunder storm is rolling in as I pack boxes and clean out cabinets and drawers for the new owners.  Wherever you are, whatever the weather... I wish you joy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What do you think about during a meal?

I have a philosophy about meal times.  While eating, I generally think about the food I am eating.  In other words, I'm not making out a to-do list, debating politics or solving major crises.  I am observant of the colors on my plate - greens, deep crimson, brilliant orange - and considering the nutrients they will deliver to my body.  I am experiencing gratefulness, that in an often difficult world, I have nourishing food available to feed myself and my family. 

I try to uphold this philosophy when eating alone or with other people.  I avoid those stress inducing conversations, and try to talk about the food we are eating; which ingredients are local, which are organic.  I talk about what we might grow in the garden this year, or some shared activities, like a hike on a favorite trail, that we might be involved in. 

It seems that my body will be more receptive to the nutrients and vitality of my sustenance, if I take it in with appreciation and good energy, rather than ingesting bitter topics and negativity along with my meal.  I may be way off base scientifically, but it works for me.  What do YOU think about during a meal?

Saturday, January 28, 2012



I have a $10 garage sale desk that I hope to repaint this winter to use in my "someday classroom."  I think a personalized, hand painted desk and a chair with a seat covered in a happy fabric will be much cozier than the standard issue institutional desk and chair.  While searching the internet for ideas for painting my desk, I stumbled across a free book download.  Apparently, the author is a substitute teacher who is also an artist.  He sketches the desks of the teacher he fills in for, and this book is a compilation of those drawings.

You may find it here:

At first, to me, the black and white sketches seemed vague or nondescript.  But as I looked closer, I saw distinguishing details such as sticky notes around one teacher's computer screen, a sketch on a pad on the art teacher's desk, and what I believe was a cow-print mug awaiting another teacher's morning brew.  I loved the little details and insights into the character of the individual who "belongs to" each desk.