Monday, February 27, 2012

What do you think about during a meal?

I have a philosophy about meal times.  While eating, I generally think about the food I am eating.  In other words, I'm not making out a to-do list, debating politics or solving major crises.  I am observant of the colors on my plate - greens, deep crimson, brilliant orange - and considering the nutrients they will deliver to my body.  I am experiencing gratefulness, that in an often difficult world, I have nourishing food available to feed myself and my family. 

I try to uphold this philosophy when eating alone or with other people.  I avoid those stress inducing conversations, and try to talk about the food we are eating; which ingredients are local, which are organic.  I talk about what we might grow in the garden this year, or some shared activities, like a hike on a favorite trail, that we might be involved in. 

It seems that my body will be more receptive to the nutrients and vitality of my sustenance, if I take it in with appreciation and good energy, rather than ingesting bitter topics and negativity along with my meal.  I may be way off base scientifically, but it works for me.  What do YOU think about during a meal?