Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sonnet - Ready

Awake in the soft hours of the morning
I walk barefoot across the cool wood floor
I slow down the thoughts so busy forming
And listen to the stillness in my core
I stand at the window looking aloft
The air is silken gray and pearly white
The clouds hover low and full, winter soft.
I breathe in the morning, drink in the light.
My reverie dissipates like lake-mist
As practical considerations rise
Not ready to tackle the to-do list
But ready for children with sleepy eyes
We will fill this day more than weather
We’ll tell stories, sing, and laugh together.


One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you again for this moment of peace.
Enjoy your day...

Aisling said...

Ernestine, You're welcome. I've had my moment of peace, and now the noise (but HAPPY noise!) begins. :)

Linda said...

this is beautiful, dear

Aisling said...

Linda, As a sonnet, I'm not sure how well-constructed it is, but it certainly fit the tone of our Sunday! Thank you for coming by and offering your kind appreciation of my writing!

the wanderer said...

i LOve this mediation. great to meet you through our friend Laura X.

Aisling said...

Thank you! Nice to meet you too, Wanderer! :)

LauraX said...

Aisling said...

Thanx, Laura! :)